Don't Keep Your Day Job By Cathy Heller
episode 1: freeing your mind with susan kaiser greenland

Mindfulness teacher and author Susan Kaiser Greenland used to be part of the rat race. But now she works to help people slow down, relax the tension of life's burdens, and refocus their attention to the present. She explain what mindful games and meditation practices will train you to grow comfortable with uncomfortable situations, how to set aside negative emotions to appreciate where you are right now, and why it's important to always keep your sense of humor.

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EPISODE 246: Can Kids Learn Mindfulness?
with Susan Kaiser Greenland

Children around the world are suffering from learning, development, and behavioral problems at record rates. Mindfulness can be taught as a secular way to train the mind and body to assist our youth.

Mind-body wellness is typically something we explore as adults, but it’s never too early to start, and the sooner and the better. Our guest this week is an expert on teaching mindfulness to young people, and for any parent, educator, or soon-to-be caregiver, this is a must-listen.

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Sharing Mindfulness & Meditation with Children, Teens & Families with Susan Kaiser Greenland

Tune in to hear Susan share some of her journey and offer practical tips and advice. Her latest book helps even the brand new practitioner in sharing the gifts of mindfulness. 

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Episode 16 - Mindfulness with Preschoolers

Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of The Mindful Child and Mindful Games, visits the podcast to discuss introducing preschoolers to mindfulness.

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Ep. 65 Using Mindfulness And Meditation To Help Children Manage Stress And Be More Compassionate

by Drew Perkins, Director of TeachThought Professional Development

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LARB Radio Hour: Susan Kaiser Greenland Mindful Games; Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, & 9/11; Gerard Manley Hopkins

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Be Here Now Network: Lama Surya Das Awakening Now - Ep. 30 - Susan Kaiser Greenland


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We sing a song to learn that when we stop and feel our breathing, we feel more calm and focused.