Educar Desde El Bienestar: Competencias Socioemocionales para el Aula y la Vida

From Daniela Labra Cardero’s Shout-out Profile

Interviewed by Marlena Trafas

an excerpt from “ Educar Desde El Bienestar: Competencias Socioemocionales para el Aula y la Vida”

Can you imagine a school community where every person takes charge of his or her internal world through recognizing and managing their emotions; establishing and maintaining constructive relationships based on empathy, understanding and collaboration; and making responsible decisions to achieve personal and common goals? How would your school and your class work if both colleagues and students had these skills?

“Educar desde el bienestar” (“Educating from well-being”) is a workbook for education professionals who wish to integrate Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) into their lives, classrooms and schools. It begins by helping the readers develop their own well-being and socio-emotional skills, and then expand the learning to their classroom and community within the framework of systemic thinking.

Through narratives, mindfulness-based training exercises, activities and other resources, readers will reflect on the importance of SEL and be taken step by step into the development of self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, collaboration, responsible decision-making and perseverance. Gaining mastery on these SEL skills allows an individual to progress by exerting a change: from being predominantly controlled by external factors to acting ever more in accordance with one’s internalized values, with appreciation and care for others to become more responsible for one’s own choices and behaviors. The book helps with this process and also shows strategies to integrate SEL into school culture and thus promote SEL skills and wellbeing to the entire school community as well as each individual student.

We hope the book provides you with the tools to create change in your inner world and create cultural change within your school community that nourishes students to discover and manifest their full potential, develop the skills to succeed in school, work and life, experience more emotional well-being and actively contribute to the welfare of society.

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