inner kids 

mindful living for busy families

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Inner Kids is a fun, pragmatic approach to sharing mindfulness with the whole family, developed by Susan Kaiser Greenland.  Mindful games look simple, but don’t let that fool you — through activity-based mindfulness Inner Kids brings attention, balance, and compassion to your daily routine by:

  • Teaching universal themes that promote a wise and compassionate worldview
  • Developing six crucial social, emotional, and academic life skills that, with sustained practice, can develop a gentle, steady capacity to attend and regulate emotions 
  • Utilizing five methods that have been used by meditators for centuries to develop mind-body awareness and better navigate the ups and downs of daily life
  • The Inner Kids model is loosely designed to follow the sequence Play, Practice, Share and Apply. The last three steps of this sequence track my favorite shorthand description of the scientific method, one that comes from Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: "See first, think later, then test." 

When we have a disagreement or misunderstanding with someone we acknowledge our feelings and think of three things we have in common.