Lawmakers Speak Out Against Family Detentions, Border Separations & Detention Facilities


lawmakers speak out against family detentions and separations and describe the centers in which families are being held. Thank you Kelly Petrie and MJ Rolek for the links.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren toured a detention center on Sunday.  She tells reporters that it was a "disturbing picture."

Congressman Tim Ryan speaks out on family separations. Thanks to M.J. Rolek for the head's up. 


U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan speaks out after touring detention centers, as reported in Isthmus. Thanks to Kelly Petrie for the head's up. 

After spending the weekend touring the detention centers in Texas where immigrant children are being held away from their parents, U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan has no qualms about comparing the Trump administration’s policy of separating families to Nazi-era Germany. “That’s the only time I know of in recent history that this kind of thing has been done,” the Madison Democrat tells Isthmus. “To separate mothers and fathers, children and parents, brothers and sisters, has absolutely nothing to do with American values.”

Pocan also has no time for semantic bandying about the type of enclosure in which the children are being kept. As coverage of the detention centers unfolded this week, government agencies and conservative pundits have objected to news reports describing the holding cells as cages, saying it implies that the children are being treated like animals. But Pocan says the word is accurate. “It’s the same material and construction as the dog run behind my house, only the walls are taller,” he says. “That’s a cage, that’s what that is.” Read more.

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