Author Spotlight on Ana Maria Serrano and her Trauma-Informed Spanish Language Children's Books


Ana María Serrano has written four Spanish-language children's books that address various aspects of trauma. She's generously providing them free-of-charge

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Thanks to Stacey Mietus for this profile of Ana Maria Serrano and her trauma-informed children's books.

Kids who have experienced trauma need to be encouraged to talk about their feelings, big and small.  (That said, a child should never be forced to talk about how they're feeling - trauma is, at its heart, a deep and devastating loss of control, so kids should be given as many choices as possible.)  Further, there should be many children's books available at shelters housing children for their entertainment and to encourage them to talk about how they are feeling.  Read on to find out about one author, trainer, and educator who is generously providing PDF copies of her books for shelters and trauma workers serving these children, and for a list of Spanish-language children's books that explore emotions.

SPOTLIGHT ON Ana María Serrano and Proyecto DEI

With degrees in sociology and education, Ana María Serrano founded Proyecto DEI in Mexico City 30 years ago and has worked tirelessly via that organization to provide support and resources to families from pregnancy through early childhood.  An educator, trainer, author, consultant, and children's book author, she has written four books in Spanish addressing various aspects of trauma that she is generously providing free-of-charge.

    - In El Dragoncito (ages 2+), children learn to identify and express anger, with an emphasis on constructive, not destructive, expression.

    - In Sebastián y el huracán de colores (ages 2+), children learn about recovering from traumatic events that turn life upside down.

    - In Capufas, se hace invisible (ages 5+), children learn about recovering from illness or injury (their own or a loved one's), and about the relationship between health and mood.

    - In El pececito y el puerco espín con traje de buzo (ages 5+), children learn about saying goodbye to old friends and making new ones.

DragoncitoSebastián, and Capufas are all illustrated by Guadalupe Vazquez; El pececito is illustrated by Gina Hernández.

To request a PDF copy of one or more of these books, send a message to Proyecto DEI's Facebook page.

To reiterate, it is vital that there be bountiful opportunities for kids who have experienced trauma to talk about their feelings if they want to do so, or to read books that explore emotions on their own if that's their preference.  Click here to download a list of Spanish-language books (compiled by Stacey) that relate to feelings, both general and specific.  If you have other lists you'd like to share, please send them to us and we'll include them in this post. 

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