What Exactly is in the Executive Order?


Bruce Cantwell points us to a podcast that considers the question, "What exactly is in the executive order?"

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Thanks to Bruce Cantwell for the link to this episode of All Things Considered were host Mary Louise Kelly talks to NPR's Sarah McCammon, who is reporting from the White House. Here's McCammon's response to the question, "What exactly is in the executive order?"

MCCAMMON: Well, I've been reading through it, and I can tell you it says that it is the policy of the administration to rigorously enforce immigration law but also to maintain family unity. And it doesn't end the Trump administration's zero-tolerance policy of prosecuting anyone caught crossing the border illegally that was announced by the administration in April and is of course what led to families being detained and separated. So this executive order today keeps that in place, but it does allow families to be detained together.

And I should say there are some caveats. It says where appropriate and consistent with law and available resources. And they can't be detained together if there's concern the parent would pose a risk to the child. It calls on federal agency heads to help provide housing when appropriate. But beyond that, Mary Louise, there's not a lot of detail about where these families will be housed or how they'll be prosecuted.

Read the full transcript here and listen below.

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