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2-Day Experiential Workshop: Activity-Based Mindfulness for Kids


Join Susan in Pasadena, California, or via live webinar, for this two-day experiential training in activity-based mindfulness for youth. Working in a classroom or a clinic can be overwhelming and exhausting. As the level of children’s distress and needs increase so do competing demands from parents and administrators.

This vicious cycle wears down teachers and clinicians while fueling stress, frustration, conflict, and disappointment for children and caregivers alike.

Join mindfulness expert, Susan Kaiser Greenland and learn how activity-based mindfulness beats this depleting cycle by developing six crucial life skills that lead to:

  • Stronger attention

  • Greater emotional intelligence

  • Enhanced self-regulation

  • Strengthened compassion for self and others

Effective, brief, yet authentic, mindful activities build lasting psychological strengths while offering moments of calm in the classroom and clinic, even when stress and strong emotions run high.

You’ll learn to foster six essential life skills - Quieting, Focusing, Seeing, Reframing, Caring & Connecting - using mindful games that have been empirically tested for over 15 years with thousands of children.

Using mindful activities will strengthen and support how you communicate and teach while helping kids and caregivers alike develop mind-body awareness, compassionate life skills, and manage stress.

Earlier Event: October 28
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