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Meet Ellis Enlow, an educator who has specialized in early childhood for 19 years

Based out of Culver City’s independent Echo Horizon School, Ellis Enlow has embarked on a noteworthy journey, having served as a Pre-K classroom teacher, a visiting classroom mindfulness teacher, an educator of parents, a preschool director, and (albeit briefly) a lawyer. She co-teaches in a holistic program for Pre-K students that she designed years ago that continues to evolve. Given the many professional hats Ellis has worn over the years, it's no surprise that she has plenty of stories to tell and wisdom to share. Interviewed by AJ Urquidi

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Meet Juanita Cabrales, a preschool teacher for over 14 years

Juanita Cabrales, a native of Texas, has been a Pre-K teacher at Momentous Institute for more than 14 years. At Momentous Institute, Juanita has specialized in the development of three-year-olds, guiding and strengthening their social-emotional health in order to equip them for the challenges of their advancing education. Interviewed by AJ Urquidi.

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