A simple approach to mindfulness and meditation

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This wonderful book helps bring the transformative practice of mindfulness into the lives of those who will carry it into the future: our children.

- Congressman Tim Ryan

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A wonderful, fun, and engaging way to bring mindfulness into a child’s life.

- Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

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Mindful Games is an invaluable resource for anyone with children in their lives—indeed, for anyone at all. Highly recommended.

- Joseph Goldstein, author of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening

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Wise, practical, captivating and fun, Mindful Games blends the life’s work of Susan Kaiser Greenland into an at once useful and fascinating masterpiece.

- Daniel J. Siegel, MD, author, Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human

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Susan Kaiser Greenland captures the essence of mindfulness in a way that very few people can.

- Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace

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I recommend Mindful Games highly for its bountiful wisdom and skillful means, based on many years of Susan’s pioneering work in this field.

- B. Alan Wallace, author of The Attention Revolution

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“Mindful Games is certain to enrich the life of any reader.”

– Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness

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