A Parent's Roadmap To Wisdom and Compassion

The test of genuine compassion lies in our actions, not our mindsets. It’s easy to think kind thoughts, but acting with compassion is what matters, especially when we don't feel it. Parents get a lot of advice about how to help their kids manage hurt feelings, but not so much about how to manage their own. Mindfulness offers four insights that help parents navigate emotional ups and downs with wisdom and compassion.

Pay Attention Even When it Hurts

Before speaking up, I remember two fundamental principles of mindfulness and compassion that are helpful at times like these; the one who responds to a conflict determines its course, not the one who starts it; and, pay attention even when it hurts.

Mindful and in the Pink - Seth Greenland

I step back, take a hard look at the facts, and recognize that while the situation may be annoying today, and – I don’t kid myself – could get worse before it gets better, I know that I have to remain calm in order to deal with it and to get on with the other things that make up my life.

A Quiet, Joyful Noise

Like the chewy chocolate center of a Tootsie Pop, there are peaceful moments of joy and connection hidden inside festive, yet sometimes hectic, family activities.

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A Mindful Game to Ground Us in Gratitude

You don’t have to be outside to take a gratitude walk; you can ground yourself by walking slowly and deliberately anywhere, even upstairs at your in-law's house.

Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids & Teens

Hopefully this volume will inspire parents and professionals to continue the spadework that’s needed to answer the open questions, foster new ones, and, through that process, develop best practices for sharing mindfulness with children and families.

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Listening to the Rain

In this five minute guided practice by SKG, children listen to the rain and pay attention to the changing nature of sounds, breathing, thoughts and feelings.  

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