breathing with a pinwheel

we blow on a pinwheel to notice that different ways of breathing

—quick, slow, deep, and shallow—

affect how our minds and bodies feel


Here’s a game that helps young children notice how different ways of breathing can change the way their minds and bodies feel. To play you’ll need a pinwheel for each child and one for yourself.

Leading the Game

1. Sit with your back straight and your body relaxed, and pick up your pinwheel.

2. We’ll blow on our pinwheels together using long, deep breaths and notice how we feel.

3. Talking points: Does your body feel calm and relaxed? Is it easy or hard for you to sit still after breathing deeply?

4. Now let’s blow on our pinwheels using short, quick breaths.

5. Talking points: How does your body feel now? Did you feel the same way after breathing quickly as you did after breathing slowly?

6. Let’s blow on our pinwheels now breathing normally.

7. Talking points: Was it easy to keep your mind on breathing or were you distracted?