Busy parents sometimes scratch their heads when their child's mindfulness teacher asks parents to meditate. Mom and dad don’t need to become professional piano players first, before their kids play the piano, nor  professional soccer players first, before their kids play soccer. What makes mindfulness and meditation different?

The short answer is that children can learn mindfulness when their parents don’t meditate and are anything but mindful. But when mom and dad pioneer mindful living, the whole family's mindfulness grows exponentially: Mindful parent, mindful child.

The themes woven through meditation training are ancient, recognized life hacks that help busy families manage the ups and downs of everyday life and that's why we want busy families to have easy access to them. Thus this page, with links to free resources for families that offer parents and professionals tools to weave mindfulness and meditation through family life – at home, work, school, and in their communities.  


We pay attention to the feeling of breathing where we notice it most—near the nose, chest, or belly—to help us relax and rest in the moment.